If you are considering using any of these services and in order for everyone’s peace of mind, we will always carry out a consultation with every new client. This initial meeting will let us all get to know each other a little better and for you to address any concerns or outstanding questions, along with us getting to know your pet. 


We can also discuss your exact requirements to ensure that these are met, along with the frequency of service you require etc.


Please note that you are under no obligation to use any services at this point and you can take as long as you require to decide if we right for you.


If you do decide to use us then this will also include all the legal stuff and details we need to ensure your pet it cared for correctly. Such as any medication/illness, age, emergency contact details, personality traits, permission to walk off the leash etc. along with a consent form. This normally lasts about 30 minutes. 

Initial Consultation   Dog Walker Wrose and Shipley

Main areas covered 


Greengates|Apperley Bridge

 Shipley|Saltaire|Nab Wood



 Eldwick | Gilstead

Services offered

Dog Walking|Doggy Day Care

Pet Care Services|Cat Visits

Puppy Visits|Puppy Walks

Vet/Emergency Visits

Small Animal Visits

Pet Taxi Service

If you'd like to arrange a dog walking service please call
07476 012517

Next Steps

If you decide to go ahead and use our services then the first couple of sessions will be a series of getting to know one another, by having one to one walks.  From these we will be able to judge your dog's personality, recall ability, able to match their pace with similar dogs.  Only then when fully satisfied which companions to place with for maximum compatibility, will they be placed within a small group, no bigger than a total of four dogs.