Services and Prices   Dog Walker Wrose and Shipley

Dog Walks - Group Walks

£10.00 1 hour walk

£4.00 Add. dog (same household)

Group walks have a number of benefits for the health and wellbeing of your dog.  They are a fun way for gaining confidence, socialising; great way to have mental stimulation, exercise and of course, dogs love making new friends

Dog Walks - Individual walks

£10.00 30 minutes

£3.00 Add dog. (same household)

Can be adapted to suit - Please contact me to discuss any special requirements/care.


ALL WALKS - Off the lead with your permission ONLY, plus cool down, rub/brush down, water break and travel time.

Pit Stops - Puppy visits

£8.00 30 minutes
       (Visit or Walk)

I can visit to carry out a toilet break, feed, play and some interaction time normally of 30 mins and once your puppy is old enough to venture out in to the bigger world, I can continue this with a walk and some socialising and basic training if require.

£7.00   1 visit (per day)

£12.00  2 visits (per day)

£17.50 One dog

£7.50 Add. dog (same household)

Pet taxi/Vet visits 
              normally £10 if local up to an hour. Please call to get a quote 

Collection in the morning at an agreed time in my ventilated van, usually between 9 – 10am but can change if required.  We will have a walk in the morning and then another in the afternoon, along with some quality time with myself in my home which is covered by CCTV to be returned a satisfied and contented dog, back to yourself between 3.00 – 4.30pm (or please discuss if a different time is required) ready to greet you.

All Day Hang outs - ( Day Care)

Pit Stops - Cat Visits 

You may prefer to keep your cat at home while away, I can change their litter tray, feed and water and obviously share some cuddle and play time while you are away.

Pit stops - Small Animals Visits

£6.00   1 visit (per day)

£11.00  2 visits (per day)

Feed, clean hutches/cages, brush, change water, interaction time as required.

Main areas covered 

Greengates|Apperley Bridge

 Shipley|Saltaire|Nab Wood



 Eldwick | Gilstead

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about little puppies. Gene Hill



If you require something different maybe only half a day or longer if attending a function or out of hours, maybe an early morning walk, please get in touch to discuss your needs either by phone or email.

If you'd like to arrange a dog walking service please call
07476 012517
Bank Holidays and Weekends - additional 50% charge

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